Saturday, January 19, 2013

Talking to strangers in a crowded elevator

Airport gates are not usually the place for lots of strangers jovially sharing stories, laughing out loud, and meeting new people. That's what I thought, anyway. Yet, I was surrounded by this scene, people seemed like they were in a bar, or at a party, and certainly not at an airport. Yes, I was at Miami international, in the United States waiting for my first flight to Latin America, but, No, these were not your usual business travellers. In our destination, at my inlaws' home, a friend from the USA’s father came to pick up some photos. After some chatting, he ended up staying for lunch. These interactions show how Latin American is more social and outgoing than the USA. For Spanish learners, this is great news! Many of the people who speak the language you wish to learn are social, outgoing, and used to chatting it up with strangers!

Cultural differences between the United States and Latin America are definitely present and knowledge of these differences can help you communicate better in Spanish. In Latin America people are approachable and responsive. Rest assured knowing that in Latin America you can say hello to strangers, it is even acceptable in a crowded elevator!