Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some excellent movies to enjoy while learning about Latin American culture!


También la Lluvia  -  Set in Bolivia, a Spanish film crew employs Native Americans to make a film about Christopher Columbus.  Maybe employs isn’t really accurate, exploits might be a better term.   Against the backdrop of the Bolivian government privatizing the water supply and the social unrest that follows; action, emotion, and inspiration follow.  This is a truly inspirational film, and is one of my favorites in any language.   

¡No!  -  A marketing campaign that brought down a dictator.  Awesome, true story.  You can see the real ad portrayed in the movie here

La Misma Luna  -  A heart-touching story of a young boy who crosses the US/Mexican border by himself to find his mother.  His journey shows the perils of this journey that many like him take every day.  He also finds an unlikely friend and hero.  

The Motorcycle Diaries  -  An adventure through the continent of South America.  Great cinematography of the varied landscapes of the continent.   Learn the beginnings of the infamous “Che”.    

Romero  -  This movie is in English, but is culturally and historically relevant.  In my opinion, when one mentions the great non-violent leaders of the 20th century Bishop Romero should be right up there with Martin Luther King and Gandhi.  The story of a hero who knew he would be killed for doing the right thing and went ahead and did it anyway.  Excellent movie!   

Any suggestions or favorites that I missed?  Feel free to comment!

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